Yamunotri Dham

Yamunotri trek is the first important pilgrimage treks in the Char Dham circuit. Essentially a 13km trek from Hanuman Chatti, the road head (a rough road now extends up to Janki Chatti, shortening the length of the trek to 7km), the route winds through the picturesque countryside along the river track to reach the pilgrim town of Yamunotri.The trek itself, though short in length, is adequately endowed with thermal springs at Janki Chatti and the artistic Shiva temple at Kharsali, a small village 11km away from Janki Chatti.Yamunotri itself is an organic and haphazard settlement. The Yamunotri temple in the town,
rebuilt by Maharani Guleria of Jaipur after the 1923 earthquake, is dedicated to the river Yamuna.The entire trek is generally completed in two stages (or two days). The first stage includes travel to Janki Chatti, a settlement complete with small dhabas and a tourist bungalow. The second stage involves a gradual trek up to Yamunotri and returns to the Hanuman Chatti the same day.View of the Yamunotri is amazing, around Yamunotri mountain peaks are covered with snow most of the time and gushing Yamuna river breaks the silence of the valley.

To reach Yamunotri temple one has to trek around 5km which goes thru amazing zig-zag valley along, river Yamuna. The trek goes through the dense forest of Oak and buransh, which bloom at during spring.The air at Yamunotri refreshes your body.
Close to the temple are hot water springs gushing out from the mountain cavities. Surya Kund is the most important kund. Near the Surya Kund, there is a shila called Divya Shila, which is worshipped before puja is offered to the deity. Devotees prepare rice and potatoes, tied in muslin cloth, to offer at the shrine by dipping them in these hot water springs. Rice so cooked is taken back home as prasadam. The pujaris of Yamunotri come from the village of Kharsali near Janki Chatti.There is other ho spring kund spring where people use to take bath and relax their body its like natural spa.In winters Yamuna Idol is taken to Village Kharshali at Raj rajeshwari Temple There are many Dharamshalas to stay and you can find simple food at the dahabs.

History:According to the legend ancient, sage Asit Muni had his hermitage here. All his life, he bathed daily both in the Ganges and the Yamuna. Unable to go to Gangotri during his old age, a stream of the Ganges appeared opposite Yamunotri for him.

Altitude :-  3,291m
Season :-  May – June, September – October
Temple is open from April – Diwali (Nov)
Devoted :- Maa Yamuna river
Best route :- Dehradun – Barkot – Hanuman Chatti – Janki Chatti, a total of 163km /other  Rishikesh-Tehri- Kaddukhal
Length 7km from Janki Chatti, 13km from Hanuman Chatti
Duration :- 1 –2 days round trip