Rishikesh is a place famous among saint and sages from medieval period.It is famous all over world as an abode of saints and sages.It is said when Raibhya rishi did his hard penaces, God apperaed by the name of rishikesh and this area hence forth called by the name of rishikesh. Rishikesh Is located 25 km north of Haridwar and 42 km south east of Dehradun at the confluence
of the Ganges and Chandrabhaga Rivers and at the foot hills of the Middle Himalayan Region. The city marks the boundary between the Ganges plains and the foot hills of the lesser Himalayas. Rishikesh, or rather the small town Muni ki Reti just across the Chandrabhaga River north east of Rishikesh city proper, is not primarily a pilgrimage destination like Haridwar but a centre for many Hindu disciplines and Yoga activities taking place in a large number of Ashrams. Some are simple and primitive whilst others offer more lavish and luxurious facilities and surroundings. The Beatles arrived here in 1968 to meet the guru Maharishi making Rishikesh and its ashrams the preferred choice of place in India for large numbers of young and younger foreigners in search of spirituality and mental well being.

Muni ki Reti:  has an important place in the history of Uttarakhand. This was the place from where the Char Dham pilgrimage tradition started. It was the gateway to the 4 Dhams and the Greater Himalayas for centuries before roads and bridges made access to the holy places easier.The areas on both sides of the Ganges connected by the two famous pedestrian bridges Ramjhula
and Laksmanjhula north of the city proper are the core areas for tourism and the many spiritual endeavours.Apart from cultural and spiritual activities, Rishikesh is the base for many adventure tourism activities. Trekking in the hills to the Garud Chatti and Neergaddu Waterfall or along the Ganges and between valleys along the ancient trails is popular and should be further developed. River rafting on the Ganges from Shivpuri to Rishikesh is another popular activity in the area and should be further developed as well. The Ganges River at this location offers an excellent opportunity for beginners to get a first experience of this exhilarating and adrenalin pumping activity, which by the way is one of the most potential high value adventure tourism products in Uttarakhand.
In the hills of Narendra Nagar, with a great view over Rishikesh, is located the Ananda Spa and Resort among others occupying the palace of the former ruler of Narendra Nagar. This resort set a new standard for a 5 star facility in Uttarakhand although the spa facilities are a bit sparse and the stay there extremely expensive.In total the Rishikesh/Muni Ki Reti area presently receives more than 160,000 overnight tourists and almost 500,000 day visitors annually.
Recommended actions and interventions:

 Rajaji National Park: The National Park is an 830 square km pristine and beautiful natural forest environment located south of Dehradun and immediately east of Haridwar. The park forms part of a forest belt stretching from Rajaji in the west to Corbett National Park in the east along the southern boundary of the state towards Uttar Pradesh. The park is accessible by 8 gates and is open from mid November to Mid June. It is composed of three independent components: Rajaji, founded in 1948; Motichur, founded.
in 1936 and Chilla founded as late as 1977 and was merged in in 1983 to the present Rajaji National Park. The main wildlife attractions are herds of elephant and an abundant bird life although there are also antelopes, leopards and rare species of anteaters, etc.Limited accommodation is available inside the park in the form of nine forest rest houses, of which some are more than 100 years old and rather primitive. They are however attractively located at strategic areas for wild life watching. Only a few facilities are available immediately outside the

Parmarth Niketan: is located on the left bank of river Ganga.It is one of the biggest Ashram of rishikesh rooms approx 1000.World famous evening arti is organized with bhajan bank of river.It also organises severea cultural and other program of bhajan-kirtan, spiritual,yoga and awareness etc

Geeta Ashram

Neelkanth Mahadev