Nag tibba

Nag-Tibba-bNagtibba, as the name suggests is the abode of the Nag Devta (Snake God). Located just off Mussoorie, it is located in the Aglar Valley on the north of the Mussoorie hills.The trek to Nagtibba is from two sides. Most trekkers prefer the Pantwari side, which has a beautiful village symbolizing the culture of Jaunpur. The trek from here involves a climb to the top of Nagtibba. The descent is from the other side to Devalsari. From there theredhead to Thatyur is close by. Thatyur is about 66km from Mussoorie.

Accommodation is available at Devalsari at the forest rest house Scenic quality Is considered one of the more attractive trekking routes around Mussoorie with views of the Nagtibba Peak.Local assistance is required.It is believed to be the abode of ‘Nag Devta’ or snake god, from which it borrows the first part of its name; ‘Tibba’ is a local word for hill or peak. Local villagers come here to offer their prayers to Nag Devta for the protection of their cattle. This place is frequented by trekkers and adventure lovers for its scenic beauty and elevation of 3048m. Winters are chilly and summers are pleasant, making it an attractive place for camping. Overnight stay with camping gear is recommended for trekkers because there is no accommodation at the place. The nearest accommodation is Devalsari guest house. A day trek is the other option, but is very arduous. An important thing to note is that water is scarce along the route and is usually carried by the trekkers.

To reach Devalsari take a direct jeep. Alternatively, take any bus or jeep going down the Tehri Road and get off at Suwakholi (10 km east). The side-road to Thatyur starts here; take the first jeep going that way (21 km north).All eastbound buses/jeeps leave Mussoorie from the Community Hospital on Tehri Road.

Altitude : 3048m
Location : At the foothills of the Tehri Garhwal Himalaya ranges, north east of Mussoorie ,

Access :     Best accessed from the   Rishikesh – Pantwari via Nainbagh route. The trek can also be accessed from Thatyur, which is    connected to Mussoorie.
Length   : 8km trek to Nagtibba from Pantwari or 21km from Thatyur to Nagtibba
Duration : 2-3 days
Altitude  : 3,048m
Difficulty : Grading Grade II Hard