Har ki Dun 

Har-ki-DunHar ki Dun valley is one of the beautiful and more popular  visited place , the Hanging Valley of the Gods, is surrounded by peaks and dense forests.Lush forest cover, abundant wildlife and a long winding trail make for a difficult but worthwhile trek. Located in one of the remoter parts of Garhwal, the trek is moderately difficult. The best time to travel is June – July or October. The region is either too cold or shrouded in mist for the rest of the year. The Har ki Dun falls in the Govind National Park and consequently wildlife viewing is a possibility.

Trek: The trek starts at Netwar, the entry to the Govind National Park, passes through Seema, Osla and ends at Har ki Dun. The trek from Netwar to Osla is through dense forests of chestnuts, walnuts, willows and chinars and the second stage of the trek, from Osla to Har ki Dun, is through terraced mountain fields, meadows and conifer forests. Today the trail head for the trek is at Taluka or at Sankri. Osla, one of the most beautiful villages in the Fateh Parvat region has a temple dedicated to Duryodhana, the Kaurava prince, an unusual occurrence. The villages along the trek have a distinctive wooden architecture with carvings adorning the houses. The route is also associated with the Mahabharata, whose heroes are said to have roamed this area during their 14 years of exile.The Har ki Dun meadow affords spectacular views of the Swargarohini and Garhwal peaks and the Jamudar glacier. The trail can also be taken to Ruinsara Tal, a high lake nestled in the mountains.

Day 1: Trek from Taluka to Osla

This stage involves a rather long and steep series of steps due to the disrepair of a bridge on the lower route that follows the river.The trail rejoins the river after a few hours at Seema, where one can stop for a break. The rest of the route to Osla is pleasant but steadily uphill. Accommodation can be found at Seema at the tourist and forest guesthouse.

Day 2: Osla to Har ki Dun

This stage of the trek is a full day’s walk and involves trekking through terraced and cultivated fields on the northeast of the Tons river, climbing steadily. Cultivation gives way to open hillside and then to rough scrub and open forest before reaching the meadows around Har ki Dun.Scenic quality Scenic views of valley of the mountains along the route

Location : Within the Govind National Park, Garhwal Himalayas
Length 30km (Mori – Netwar – Sankari – Taluka – Osla – Har ki Dun)
Access best accessed via the Dehradun – Mussoorie – Purola road (190 km from Dehradun)
Duration 4 – 5 days (Sankri -Har ki dun return )
Altitude 3,566m
Season April – October – Summer Trek
Diffculty Grade II Soft
Logistical support Has to be commissioned at Taluka
Accommodation Location                           Accommodation
Taluka                              TB, FRH, H D
Seema                              TB, FRH D
Har ki Dun                       TB, FRH
Signage While no formal signage is available, trekkers paint directions onto rocks at strategic
locations, every season

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