Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal area near the city of Uttarkashi. Dayara Bugyal is an upcoming ski resort area in the high altitude meadows of the main watershed between the rivers Tons and Bhagirathi.The pristine and undeveloped wide meadow surrounded by gentle and steeper slopes with sparse forest or no vegetation is located at an elevation of around 3048 m and during winter is “snow safe”,
providing excellent ski slopes in a total area of approximately 28 sq. km.

Access to Dayara Bugyal : is by two routes from the Bhagiarathi River Valley and Bhatwari Township, the nearest service centre to the two access roads.One option for vehicular access is to drive up to Barsu Village, a quiet, attractive and apparently well functioning small agriculture-based village 10 km from the main road and trek to the meadows from there.

The other option is a 10 km drive from Bhatwari by a newly upgraded good quality road to Raithal Village, another interesting and attractive village with an ancient temple overlooking the river valley and trek from there

Altitude : 3048m